1. What is LivePitch? Please explain.

We are a fashion and beauty focused marketplace that allows buyers to purchase items through live videos. Buyers can watch live videos while paying and ordering items directly without having to leave the videos. 

2. How can I start using LivePitch?

Download our app from the Apple App Store. If you are a merchant, please contact us to become a partner and start selling.

3. Are you available for Android?

Not yet, but it will be available soon.

4. How can I pay? 

We accept all major credit cards. We are partners with Stripe and are fully PCI compliant (we do not store any credit card related information).

5. What product categories are you going to offer?

We will offer various types of products and content. Please check out our beta if you want to see some of the videos from our seller partners.

6. How can I become a seller?

Becoming a seller on our platform is a piece of cake. All you need is a Shopify account. If you sign up to our waitlist, we will email you an instruction manual that tells you how to install our app and start streaming live.

7. Why are you not on the Shopify App Store?

We will be soon :)

8. How is this different versus Instagram, Facebook and YouTube?

The sole purpose of LivePitch will be for Live Commerce. We believe that creating a merchant-first video platform will create a better shopping experience. 

9. Why are you guys focusing on live video? 

We are big believers that live video will play an important role in the future of e-commerce. Various case studies have proven that live video is extremely effective in storytelling, increasing engagement and boosting conversion. We are truly excited to bring our product to the market because we believe we can help both buyers and sellers.